Words and Music by Perry Mathers

As I wake up to the sunrise
You’re a million miles away
The law is only two days back and closin’
I’m the last one to survive
Of the six who took the ride
The last one went down screamin’ Sunday mornin’
And I know each breath I take could be the last one
I know my time will soon be at an end
And I know the death I’ll meet will be a lone one
But when my sun goes down…

They’ll call me legend

It’s a long and lonesome trail
As I head for Mexico
Knowin’ that I’ll never reach the border
And there’s been many a time I’ve wanted
To surrender to my fate
But I know the Lord above will give no quarter
And I long to see you dancin’ in the moonlight
I long to hold you in my arms again
And I long to taste your sweet kiss for one last time
But when my sun goes down…

They’ll call me legend

Another day is ending
And I watch the sun go down
Knowin’ this will be my final sunset
I thank the Lord for givin’ me
The chance to live my life
I only hope he’ll greet me in the end
’cause I know the life I’ve led ain’t been the best one
And I know I could’ve been a better man
But I know my love for you will live forever
And as the sun goes down…

Copyright 1992 to 2020 Perry Mathers