Mary Jayne

Words and Music by Perry Mathers

When darkness falls
She comes to me
Her troubled spirit
Won’t let me be
My poor heart
Beats in vain
Haunted still
By Mary Jayne

She was the moon
I was the sea
She was the air
I dared to breathe
I was a moth
She was the flame
Oh how I burned
For Mary Jayne

I remember how
She’d hold me tight
And we’d make love
All through the night
She used to moan
And cry my name
And I would whisper
“Mary Jayne”

Then one night
My world did end
I found her in the arms
Of another man
My blade was true
She felt no pain
I could never hurt
My Mary Jayne

Now when darkness falls
And the night grows still
I can feel her touch
Like an icy chill
And I’ll hear her moan
And cry my name
Haunted still
By Mary Jayne

It won’t be long
they’ll come for me
And the hangman’s noose
Will set me free
Free from worry
And free from pain
Free most of all
from Mary Jayne

Copyright 2013 to 2020 Perry Mathers